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Michael Brennan is the personal injury attorney that will fight for the compensation that you deserve. Whether you have experienced a n accident, a slip and fall incident, or a personal injury occurrence, Illinois based personal injury lawyer Michael Brennan has more than 21 years of experience, and a tough, results-driven approach that will ensure that you get the highest level of compensation for yourself and your family. Do not settle for less! Michael Brennan is a former State’s Attorney, working in Chicago , Illinois and also in Orland Park , Illinois . Chicago attorney Michael Brennan requires no fees until you achieve your compensation settlement. Call now on 708-460-9300 for your free consultation in regards to your slip and fall accident and the possibilities for compensation.


An Overview of Slip and Fall Accident

If you have slipped or tripped on someone else’s property, and have sustained an injury as a result of the slip and fall, then you may be able to claim compensation from the owner of the property. You must be able to provide evidence that the property owner was negligent in some way, by allowing a dangerous situation which caused you to slip and fall.

As someone who has been injured in a slip and fall accident, the law allows you to sue in a civil action called a tort. A tort is a complicated process, and that means you require an experienced attorney like Chicago based personal injury lawyer Michael Brennan, to gain fair compensation for your accident.

Dangerous situations which often result in negligent situation include broken stairs, holes in the carpet, and slippery floors. If the dangerous situation is a permanent fixture, then it is assumed that the property owner knew about the problem. If the dangerous situation was not permanent, then the length of time that the situation existed comes into play. Again, a slip and fall accident is a complicated process that So if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Chicago personal injury attorney, Michael Brennan, as soon as possible.

Property owners tend to defend themselves using two basic reasons. The first is that they were not negligent. The second is that the person who slipt and fell is at fault themselves. It is generally accepted that the injured party has some blame in the situation, and therefore it is extremely important that you get proper representation to ensure that you gain the most compensation that you deserve. Contact Chicago personal injury lawyer Michael Brennan, who is also situated in Orland Park , if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident.

Often, it can be very difficult to negotiate with a company or individual in regards to a slip and fall accident. There is a big belief that many people who slip and fall do it deliberately in order to gain compensation. That is why it is so important that you contact Chicago personal injury attorney Michael Brennan. He will advise you on your rights for compensation and will pursue that on your behalf, represent you in court if necessary, and will advise you on any other options available to you.

The compensation that you can claim covers a number of aspects. You may get compensation for your medical bills, including past, current, and future care. You may get compensation for lost wages if your ability to work has been impaired. You may also get compensation for reasons that are less quantifiable, but are still very important. These include pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of consortium (which, simply put, is when your spousal relationship has been affected).

With the complexities of a slip and fall accident claim, especially in the case of personal injury, it is important that you deal with an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer. This will ensure that you gain the maximum amount of compensation possible, in the easiest, fastest, and most understanding way. Illinois based personal injury attorney Michael Brennan is dedicated to achieving the best result for you, so call for your free consultation on 708-460-9300. Michael is available for consultations in both Chicago , Illinois , and Orland Park , Illinois .

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