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Illinois Brain & Head Injury Lawyers

Have you suffered a traumatic head or brain injury?

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Michael Brennan is the personal injury attorney who will fight for the compensation that you deserve. Whether your brain or head injury was sustained in an auto accident, a slip and fall incident, or some other personal injury occurrence, you have a limited time to file your personal injury case under Illinois law and it's important that you meet with an attorney as soon as possible.

Chicago head and brain injury lawyer Michael Brennan is a former Illinois State's Attorney with more than 24 years of trial experience. His tough, results-driven approach will ensure that you get the highest level of compensation for yourself and your family.

Do not settle for less!

With offices conveniently located in Chicago and Orland Park, Illinois, personal injury attorney Michael Brennan requires no fees until you achieve your compensation settlement.

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An Overview of Brain Injury Law

A brain injury can be one of the most debilitating injuries as a result of an accident. Often, this type of personal injury can lead to a fatality. As the brain is the control station of the body, a brain injury can have many complications and may affect a person’s breathing, thought processing, metabolism, senses, heart rate, coordination, and memory. As someone who has acquired a brain injury through an accident, the law allows you to sue in a civil action called a tort. A tort is a complicated process, and that means you require an experienced attorney like Chicago based personal injury lawyer Michael Brennan, to gain fair compensation for your accident.

"Your hardwork throughout the trial was really amazing and me and my family can not thank you enough for the wonderful results."

-- T.A., Blue Island, IL

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A brain injury in an accident usually is the result of a physical hit on the head, which leads to the brain being impacted by that force, or from a foreign object penetrating the head. Thus, a brain injury may also be known as a head injury. This type of personal injury may be contained to just one area of the brain, or cover multiple parts of the brain.

There are some scary statistics on brain injuries. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, around 1.4 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury each year. That is one person in a brain injury accident every 23 seconds. More than 2% of the US population lives with disabilities as the result of a traumatic brain injury or accident.

A traumatic brain injury may be caused by a number of different accidents. Even snapping the head backwards and then forwards at a rapid speed can cause a brain injury. Personal injury accidents that often cause brain injury include motor vehicle accidents, traffic accidents, boat accidents, motorcycle accidents, other transport accidents, slip and falls, and anything that involves being hit by something. Therefore, a personal injury lawyer is likely to see many brain injury clients throughout their career.

An acquired brain injury takes place on a more cellular level, and therefore affects the entire brain at once. An acquired brain injury can also be the result of an accident and you may want to consult with a personal injury attorney in that regard. An acquired brain injury can result from a workplace accident or injury, electrical shocks, traumatic brain injury, and even exposure to toxic chemicals.

The full effects of a brain injury may not even become apparent until the injured person attempts to return to their normal life and work. Therefore, evidence is crucial in obtaining a satisfactory level of compensation. Both medical evidence and reliable evidence from friends, family, and co-workers will be necessary, and therefore it is always best to consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

The compensation that you can claim covers a number of aspects. You may get compensation for your medical bills, including past, current, and future care. You may get compensation for lost wages if your ability to work has been impaired. You may also get compensation for reasons that are less quantifiable, but are still very important. These include pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of consortium (which, simply put, is when your spousal relationship has been affected).

With the complexities of a personal injury claim, especially in the case of brain injury, it is important that you deal with an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer. This will ensure that you gain the maximum amount of compensation possible, in the easiest, fastest, and most understanding way. Illinois based personal injury attorney Michael Brennan is dedicated to achieving the best result for you, so call for your free consultation on 708-460-9300. Michael is available for consultations in both Chicago, Illinois, and Orland Park, Illinois.