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An Overview of Illinois Accident Injury Law

If you have been injured in some form of accident, then that is known as a personal injury. A personal injury becomes a matter of law when that damage was the fault of another person or company, commonly considered an accident. As someone who has been injured, the law allows you to sue in a civil action called a tort. A tort is a complicated process, and an experienced attorney can fight for fair compensation for your accident.

Different types of injuries can result from accidents such as;

Who is at Fault?

Different degrees of fault may exist; you may be partially responsible for the accident and still entitled to compensation. Evidence will be presented in court to determine how much responsibility each party shares;  the injured party still has the right to ask for compensation from the other parties involved.

What type of compensation will I be entitled to?

You may get compensation for your medical bills, including past, current, and future care. You may be compensated for lost wages if your ability to work has been impaired. You may also be entitled to compensation for reasons that are less quantifiable, but are still very important. These include pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of consortium (which, simply put, is when your spousal relationship has been affected).

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