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You have been charged with a DUI – what do you do? You need an attorney who knows how to defend a DUI case.

MICHAEL J. BRENNAN is that attorney.

Michael J. Brennan is a former state’s attorney with over 25 years of experience in defending and prosecuting DUIs. When you hire Michael Brennan, he will be focused on reducing your stress and anguish this arrest may have caused you and your family. Mr. Brennan will go to court without you as many times as he possibly can to help reduce the disruption this case will cause you and your family.

Mr. Brennan will also fight to keep your driving privileges by immediately filing a petition in court to ask for an immediate hearing to rescind any suspension of your license. He will also file any paperwork that is necessary to obtain a temporary driver’s license for you so you can go about your daily life in the meantime.

Former State’s Attorney

As a former state’s attorney, Mr. Brennan takes pride in educating you about the legal process. He believes that by understanding the process the whole experience becomes a little less stressful for you.

The charge of “Driving under the influence” (D.U.I) is a criminal offense and means operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs to a degree that renders one unable to safely drive a car. It is not necessary for someone to be drunk to be arrested for “DUI”. Driving under the influence arrests can be made when a person operates a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol OR operates a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level(BAC) of .08 or greater.

MICHAEL BRENNAN’S goal in representing a client is to obtain a dismissal of the charges, an acquittal at trial or a non DUI disposition. The only way to defend a DUI case is to know the law, understand how field sobriety tests work, how police reports are interpreted and to know the science of the breath and blood alcohol testing.

As a former state’s attorney and Prosecutor Michael Brennan knows how the state builds their cases, so he is best prepared to take them apart and give you the best defense possible. His knowledge of cross examination of police officers on how they wrote their reports and how they instructed and interpreted the findings of the field sobriety tests are crucial to the defense of your case.

Mr. Brennan has tried hundreds of DUI trials and his efforts have resulted in victories for his clients. These victories include not guilty findings as well as sparing his clients jail terms, lengthy license losses and no criminal record.

An arrest for DUI can be a very traumatic time for anyone. It usually is a person’s first exposure to the criminal system. Let Michael Brennan help you during this difficult time in your life. As a former state’s attorney with over 25 years experience he has the know how and the ability to help you during this difficult time in your life. The initial consultation is FREE so what do you have to lose? Call Mr. Brennan now for the help you need.

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